What is Adobe Bridge?

Adobe Bridge is an organizational program that links parts of the Creative Suites together. Created and released by Adobe Systems, it is part of the Creative Suite. It uses a format similar to the file browser found in an old Adobe Photoshop version. Moreover, it is accessible from all parts of the Creative Suite –except for Adobe Acrobat 8’s standalone version. It is included with the standalone Photoshop application and can even perform certain Adobe Photoshop processing functions simultaneously and separately with Photoshop itself.

Adobe Bridge allows access to Adobe Stock, Adobe’s very own stock photo service. Adobe Stock is integrated with Creative Cloud, allowing members to enjoy 40% discount on stock images. Created and released by Adobe, the stock service allows users to download images directly to their libraries for easy management and purchase. It also offers a unique feature which rolls over unused credits to the next month.

Adobe Bridge has many functions such as:

  • Batch Rename
    One of the key functions of Adobe Bridge is renaming your digital files. This can be handy as your files may be named with a combination of letters, making it difficult to organize them. The program proved to be helpful when you want to find your photos easily and quickly.

The batch rename function of Adobe Bridge allows users to create any filename structure, whether simple or detailed. It also allows copying of the renamed versions to separate folders and preserve the originals. Moreover, it allows saving of custom naming structures as presets for easy re-access.

  • Organizing Images
    Organizational functions include star rating and colored labels. You can easily search for images with the best review ratings. You can also use colored labels to organize photos from different dates or occasions.


  • Supporting edits

It has the ability to edit the XMP as well as the IPTC metadata, which are embedded within the file. Moreover, it has the ability to work with any file versions and alternatives that are parts of the Adobe Version Cue.

With Adobe Bridge, images are shown in different lists, slide shows and thumbnails. Each folder can be bookmarked and each cache can be placed in one folder or location. Every folder includes a cache file that speeds up the rendering time of images when you view any thumbnail. The Adobe Stock photo service is implemented as an extension of Adobe Bridge, which is initially allowed for access to the stock service.

Adobe Bridge is extremely customizable. You can modify it using JavaScript. Its scripting guide can be accessed online and on paperback. Coupled with Photoshop, Bridge can execute Adobe Photoshop’s scripts, plug-ins, and Camera Raw filters on images. In fact, Photoshop has a plug-in called Mini Bridge, which adds a small file browser to the application. However, Mini Bridge can only be used with Bridge running on the background.